Carl Joseph
VP Product, Furniture maker, and Astronomer in training

Hi, I'm Carl

Yes, there's a duck-like creature on my head*.

When I'm not wearing silly hats, I am working at Gooroox as their VP Product.

Currently doing a Post Grad Certificate in Arts (Philosophy), just because I love learning new things.

And ... when I have time, I build custom made timber furniture.

* No animals were harmed in the making of this photograph.

You want more?

I'm an environmentalist and egalitarian with a passion for social activism.

Having first trained as a classical musician and composer my musical tastes are eclectic. You can find me listening to everything from Ravel, Stravinsky and Mozart to The Smiths, Radiohead, and Rufus Wainright. Art and all things beautiful pique my interest.

Dancing has played a role in my life. Particularly swing dancing (think 1930s/40s big band). I taught it for many years in Melbourne.

In my down time you'll find me making timber furniture in my home workshop. It keeps me relaxed and teaches me patience. You can find samples of my work on my furniture site.

Recently finished my Masters in Science (Astronomy) degree. I got sad. Now I'm back at university part-time undertaking a Grad Cert in Arts (Philosophy). Particular interests in science are galaxy formation, and the history of astronomical discovery and the people behind them, and philosophy ... we'll we will see once I get stuck into it.

Career wise, I am a professional business analyst in the tech sector. I work as a builder of teams and finder of solutions helping bring the technical and people sides of projects together.

I think that just about covers the main bits.

Contact Me

I'd love to hear from you, whether it be about work, astronomy, having a piece of furniture built, or just to say "hi".


M: yeah ask me

F: Who uses fax anymore?